I'm Wendy, pleased to meet you...

From a young age I was always amazed by the vastness of the skies above and was awed by the skills of using them to navigate any terrain. All that possibility and unknown destiny just waiting to be discovered. Little did I realise that years later I would be the CEO of Northern Star Mentoring; started specifically with the intention of helping you to identify your own Northern Star and to provide you with the guidance you need. I'm also a proud Northern lass so there is a cheeky nod to always remembering where you came from.

I honestly believe that everyone has within them the ability to shine bright and lead others.  I take my health and personal development seriously, which is why I regularly challenge my body physically and my mind mentally too.  My most recent personal challenges include completing an Ironman and a fire walk. I can add this to my other passion which is to experience something new every month! This keeps me fresh and allows me to have a personal connection and understand of those mental milestones my clients have to overcome. 

With over 20 years working in the private health care industry I have learnt first hand the desperate need for more practitioners who want to make a difference to the world. I am passionate about transforming the current health care model and believe that it will take thriving healthy practices to create thriving healthy individuals.

My passion for personal development and linguistics saw me take on an Open University degree (yep, that’s full time study alongside full time work!) graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Psychological studies.